Flight Simulator Hire

Available for hire

FAA Approved

TouchScreen Training Device (BATD)

Fixed Base VisX model

Single and Multi-Engine FAA approved BATD simulator for the following aircraft:

Cirrus, Diamond, Piper, Cessna, Mooney, Beechcraft and Rockwell Commander

Garmin / Avidyne / Aspen glass cockpits and conventional avionics

Single and Multi-Engine aircraft

Now available at North Weald airport (EGSX), North East London

Keep up your FAA IR

In accordance with FAR 61.57(c) you can keep your FAA IR current for the next 6 months even without an instructor present. Just book and go!

Connect your favourite EFB applications to our simulator! Try all the new features in a safe environment.


Garmin Pilot

Foreflight Europe

Why try our simulator?

  • Maintain FAA IR currency for the next 6 months at your own convenience even without instructor present in accordance with FAR 61.57(c)
  • Unique touchscreens allow for great realism and versatility.
  • Have your first try at flying or try a different model without any further commitments
  • Change Aircraft Make & Model, Weather and position within seconds!
  • Practice Normal, Abnormal and Emergency procedures
  • Bad weather and low cost training alternative in a relaxed environment
  • Try all your iPad apps without being in the air.
  • Approved as a FAA B.A.T.D. you are allowed to use it for the following:
    1. 10 Hours towards an FAA IR
    2. Instrument Currency (stay current within 12 months, No IPC's)
    3. 2.5 hours towards FAA PPL
    4. Keep up your procedures on Cirrus & Diamond and other Aircraft, differences training etc.

Training Locations:

  • North Weald Airport: Drive of fly in at EGSX, North Weald just off J7 @ the M11.
  • Based @ Weald Aviation next to the Wings Cafe


Please visit the Pricelist page or get in touch for further information and bookings

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